Not Just for Teens: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

First Impressions5th Wave book cover
Wow, this teen book is long; over 450 pages. But I’ve heard it will be the next “Hunger Games”  (which I’ve only heard said about roughly two hundred titles since Suzanne Collins’ book became the next “Twilight”). All the reviews I’ve read about “The 5th Wave” have been stellar and the most recent, from Entertainment Weekly, was downright brilliant, so I thought I would give it a go.

Drive-by Summary
The aliens came. For ten days they floated above while we tried to make contact. Ten days. And then…

The first wave: Lights out – communication fails; planes fall from the sky

The second wave: Surf’s up – giant tsunamis take out all coastlines

The third wave: Pestilence – weeks of plague wipe out billions

The fourth wave: Silencer – they are among us

Cassie escapes the city filled with death with her father and little brother in search of hope and safety. They find neither. They find war. They find they can trust no one.

And no one knows what the fifth wave will bring.

My Favorite Character
Zombie: “Zombie is hardcore. Zombie is bad ass. Zombie is stone-cold.” But Zombie also takes five year old “Nugget” under his wing, protecting him as best as he can, as they train for combat against an unknown enemy.

Words to live by
“Because we will die, but at least we will die unbroken.” — Zombie

Recommended For
Older teens and adults who like character-driven science fiction.

Final Say
A new take on dystopia, this time with aliens. Grittier and more suspenseful than a lot of current books in the genre, but peppered with (just enough) romance and teen angst for it to fit right in. Highly recommended.

You can hunt for the 5th Wave at the Bellingham Public Library.

— Jennifer