World’s Strongest Librarian by Josh Hanagarne

First Impressionsworld's strongest librarian book cover
This book is about a librarian who works at the Salt Lake City library with Tourette’s and his faith is based on Mormon principles.  My first response was this person has a strong understanding of self and his values are slated in the strongest terms due to his faith.

Drive-by Summary
Josh Hanagarne is simply amazing both in his perspective and in his attitude towards life. His story had me laughing full-on belly laughs and crying not for his situation, but because he always manages to make you feel like “I have been there, too.”  This book is uniquely written. The chapters are set with headings from the Dewey Decimal System which gives you clues as to what the chapter is going to cover.  He is also very honest about coming to terms with Tourette’s.  I don’t think I have ever met anyone as strong-willed or as hilariously blunt about what constitutes being human and flawed.  I could not put this book down!

My Favorite Character
Hands down Josh!  I hope to meet him one day.  He makes me believe that anything that is negative has a positive side if are willing to look at from a different angle.  He has a great love for his family and he is generous with his time both as a librarian and as an advocate who helps others with Tourette’s.

Words to Live By
 “I love to tell kids that everything in the library is theirs. “We just keep it here for you.”  One million items that you can have for free!  A collection that represents an answer to just about any question we could ask.”

Recommended For
Anyone and everyone; although Josh’s sense of humor may border on slightly twisted.  He has a sense of sarcasm at times that some may not appreciate.

Final Say
When I think of all the challenges we face in our modern world it is comforting to know that we do have choices to make; we are not at the mercy of what happens to us.  People like Josh make that knowledge true in their lives.

I highly suggest that if you want a new way to look at your personal challenges read this book it may not help you in your situation however, it will make you think things through from a different perspective.

You can find The World’s Strongest Librarian with all the regular librarians at the Bellingham Public Library.

— Keyla


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