Hot Reads for Cold Nights

I can’t be the only one who feels fall in the air?

I am dreaming of hot cider, cooler weather, and a new book to curl up with. The hardest part of that fantasy scenario, naturally, is picking the right novel to read.

Two people reading and sitting

There are so many books, as the saying goes, but so little time.  And, if you are like me, you tend to read based on word of mouth and recommendations.  Hey, you are reading this blog after all…

Thank goodness, then, for the Bellingham Public Library’s upcoming Hot Reads for Cold Nights event.  On Thursday, September 19, David Glenn from Random House Publishing will preview some of his most anticipated new fall titles and present a selection of his favorite paperback gems starting at 3:00 pm at the Central Library (210 Central Ave., Bellingham, WA).  Copies of the suggested paperbacks will be available for purchase from Village Books after David’s talk.

But that is not all!  Katie and Suzanne, Read More! contributors and professional book pushers, will be talking a bit about how the Bellingham Public Library can help you find new reads, make personalized reading suggestions, and help out your book groups with kits and recommendations.  This event is perfect for all types of readers and will help you get your fall/winter reading lists in shape.

You know?  Fall is starting to sound really good right now.


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