Final Summer Reading Reviews

Bellingham Public Library’s Summer Reading for adults ended a little over a month ago.  And, sadly, today we will be featuring our last batch of featured reviews from program participants.

We have enjoyed reading all of the reviews we received this summer so please join us for Summer Reading again next year!

Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de RosnaySarah's Key book cover
I recently read Sarah’s Key.  It’s about a family in France during the Nazi regime who was part of the round up of Jewish families by French police who were then sent to concentration camps.  I must say that once I started I could not stop.  I read this book in two days, spending nearly an entire Saturday on my porch reading.  The chapters are split between a present day journalist doing an article on the roundup and the young girl, Sarah, and her experience.  It was a great book, graphic at times, but I was able to completely lose myself in the story.  I would highly recommend for anyone interested in historical fiction!

Freakonomics by Steven J. Levitt and Stephen J. DubnerFreakonomics book cover
A study in statistics that effect unanticipated social changes, Freakonomics gives us the reasons behind why crack dealers still live with their mothers, why crime dropped 30 years after abortion became “legal” and why parents’ success at shaping their children’s futures is already pretty much determined before the kid is born.  Interesting and eye-opening even if the likes of boozer Bill Bennett take issue with some of the findings.


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