Release Day Exclusive: We Are Water by Wally Lamb

First Impressions We Are Water book cover
This is a big book and I expect nothing less from Wally Lamb! There are lots of different characters and many plots twisting and turning over decades.

Drive-By Summary
This is the story Annie Oh and her family. Annie is an artist and mother, who at the start of the novel is preparing to marry her partner. This wedding brings up all kinds of issues and secrets for all the members of the family and the people in their lives.  Each chapter is told in a different characters voice and it is fascinating how the author is able to give them each a distinctive voice and let their personalities shine though. There are so many issues dealt with like loss, abuse, anger, family dynamics, and the artistic process. It seems only fair to warn you, there are some tough things that come up and not all the characters are likable.  In fact a couple are downright awful, but even so the author shows us their humanity.

My Favorite Character
My favorite character is Annie Oh’s son Andrew. He is an army nurse stationed in Texas and he is very conflicted about his mother and her upcoming marriage. His growth in the story is the most visible and he seems to change the most.

Words to Live By
“My dear, there are no coincidences. That’s just God’s way of remaining anonymous.”’

Recommended For
Those who have  enjoyed Wally Lamb’s other novels or anyone who wants to sink their teeth into a big book with lots of characters and the twists and turns of  a well written, multi-layered story.

Final Say
This book is a fascinating and intense ride though a family’s history. I really liked the twists the story took and the interconnectedness of all the characters. I think that this will be a big hit when it is released  today!

You can get We Are Water beginning today at the Bellingham Public Library.

— Lesley


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