Not Just for Teens: All the Truth That’s In Me by Julie Berry

All the Truth That's In Me book coverFirst Impressions
I can’t remember exactly why I put this book on hold, but I seem to recall reading a review that intrigued me. The cover is startling, and I liked the premise of two girls going missing but only one coming back alive, shrouded in mystery, so when I found it waiting for me on the hold shelf, I delved right in.

Drive-By Summary
When two girls go missing, one is found floating in the river after a few days and, four years later, the second walks back into town, maimed and mute. No one uses her name anymore and Judith (for that is what they used to call her) lives like a ghost, unable and unwilling to detail where she has been and what she has seen. She watches her neighbor boy (now a man) – her love – and her narration is directed towards him. When an enemy attack causes her to take action that has ramifications she could never have predicted, it throws them both into a quagmire of lies, secrets, love and death.

My Favorite Character
Judith is such an fascinating character, whom we see from an interesting angle with her narration towards her neighbor and childhood crush, Lucas.  Through the course of the book she finds her strength, sense of self and, ultimately, her voice.

Words to Live By
“I feel my sadness float away, my regret and humiliation. I can forgive myself for the fool I’ve made myself before you. The awkwardness is over. My body is empty, and empty is a great relief.”  – Judith

Recommended For
Teens and adults who are looking for an original voice and a story rich with language and strong, memorable characters.

Final Say
Unwinding like a puzzle, in a setting that is not defined but feels historically familiar, this story is a lyrical, mysterious, chilling and romantic exploration of human nature.

You can delve into the mystery of All the Truth That’s In Me at the Bellingham Public Library.

— Jennifer


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