Night Film By: Marisha Pessl

Night Film Book CoverFirst Impressions
When I started reading Night Film, by Marisha Pessl, it seemed to be a mystery including elements of suspense.  I recommend sitting in an armchair while reading this, you will need something to clutch during this thrill ride.  I also love the fact that there are photos, personal notes, and even pages resembling websites within the pages of this book.  I felt I was right in the midst of the action, and experienced everything the characters did first hand.  Journalist, Scott McGrath, is our guide, as well as partner, through the dark world of Night Film.

Drive-By Summary
McGrath is investigating the apparent suicide of Ashley Cordova, famous pianist prodigy, and daughter of famous horror film director, Stanislas Cordova.  After being pummeled, career-wise, by Cordova for reporting seemingly false testimony against the director, Scott McGrath is trying to get his life back–mainly his career.  Ashley Cordova’s suicide opened the window for him to dive back in to Cordova’s world of horror.  Desperate, he will stop at nothing to find the truth, even if it means risking his life and delicate relationship with his daughter.  With the help of Nora, wannabe actress, and Hopper, a drug dealer who knows more about Ashley than he’s letting on; Scott will find much more than just the truth about Ashley, he will find the truth about himself.

My Favorite Character
My favorite character is Nora.  She is smart, observant, and is more of a partner to McGrath, than an assistant.  I love the banter she has with protagonist McGrath, and secondary character, Hopper, who is just as equal in skills as McGrath; making this trio a real joy to travel with.  All three characters are so fun and relatable, but I feel Nora, is the glue that holds the three of them together.  She is a special person.

Words to Live By
“I was following in their footsteps, sending myself to the outer reaches of the world.  Was I fleeing something or had I been set free?” ~ Scott McGrath

Recommended For
Mystery, suspense, with a dollop of horror, and a dash of romance.  If these sound like your kind of ingredients, then this story is for you.  Character development and relationship growth is also demonstrated beautifully.

Final Say
Pessl explore the idea of movies being more than just pieces of fiction we can escape into for our enjoyment.  They reflect our own inner psyches, the good and the bad.  Join Scott, Nora, and Hopper as they explore the labyrinth of Night FilmWith all the twists and turns, horror and relief, you may never look at horror films the same way again.

Uncover Night Film today at the Bellingham Public Library!

— Laura


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