2014 Staff Picks: Graphic Novel and Media Favorites

We are featuring our thoughts on our 2014 Staff Picks for the week here at Read More! But, if you have impatient streak (like me!) and want the list immediately, please check our our online list in two parts, 2014 Staff Picks for Adults and 2014 Staff Picks for Children . Or you can visit any of our library locations for a handy paper list!

Here are our favorite graphic novels:

Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast

Can't We Talk About Something More PleasantThis graphic novel memoir is the author’s tale of navigating some pretty tricky and hilarious waters as she attempts to help her aging parents cope with illness and the subsequent upheaval of life as they’ve known it. Although faced with exasperating circumstances, and confusion and sadness abound, author Roz Chast faces the realities of this life transition with humor and gutsy honesty. – Jenni


Seconds by Brian Lee O’Malley

SecondsThis moving, wry graphic novel by the creator of Scott Pilgrim deftly explores the messy, frustrating process of accepting adulthood – whether you want to or not. Vengeful house spirits, good food, dreams deferred, bridges burned, and magic mushrooms abound in this tale about Katie and her quest to avoid what comes next.  This novel resonated with me on several levels – as adult navigating the often-contradictory nature of adulthood, as a friend to those at their own crossroads, and as a Katie that often wishes that I could hold on to my own mythic past.  Plus, the artwork is pretty spectacular. This book is highly recommended to graphic novel aficionados and those that love coming-of-age tales.  – Katie


The Wicked + the Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

The Wicked + the Divine“Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead. ” The Wicked and the Divine is Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s (of Phonogram fame) new series about teenage gods who are going to inspire (or destroy) the world with pop music. The gods themselves are part diety, part pure angst, and all rock-and-roll swagger which makes this graphic novel the literary equivalent of three-day rave: you aren’t sure what exactly happened, but you know you had fun. It is also infectious, hip, and whip-smart.   If you love music as much as you love mythology – this the graphic novel is for you. – Katie


And here is our favorite media:

The Dance of Reality (DVD) by Alejandro Jodorowsky

The Dance of RealityIn this film, director Alejandro Jodorowsky interprets his own childhood and the life of his father. The Dance of Reality is full of unique images: a young Alejandro stands on the beach and a large wave washes over him, leaving the beach covered in fish and leading to a battle between the local townsfolk and seagulls to grab hold of the beached fish. The film is occasionally a bit meandering in its plot, but the consistently unpredictable images in the film makes it one you will not forget. – Woody

Check back next Monday when we reveal our favorite 2014 teen novels!



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